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Mahamandaleshvar Yoga Acharya Shrī Vidyaupasaka Svāmin Shivānanda Sarasvatī
Mahamandaleshvar Yoga Acharya Shrí Vidyaupasaka Svámin Shivánanda Sarasvatí

Considering the actual situation of chaos (adharma) that we are living nowadays, it is very important to create moments where is possible to unite all the positive energy. Thanks to Jagat Guru Amrta Súryánanda Mahá Rája – President of Portuguese Yoga Confederation, THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA is an event of major importance that gives the possibility to meet people with different spiritual visions that have the same aim: the peace and prosperity all over the world.

Mahámandalesvar Yoga Acharya Svámin Shivánanda Sarasvatí Founder of Súrya Chandra Yoga Ashram