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Dr. H. R. Nagendra
Dr. H. R. Nagendra


The group of Yoga Masters gathered in Bangalore to herald the International Day of Yoga in a conference on December 4 and 5th.

In times of terrorism, fear-stuck world amassing defense armours and strategic weapons spending astronomical budget, is it not relevant that we as human beings should grow to greater heights to bring harmony, peace and love between countries and human beings at large? In an age governed by matter-based paradigm is it not necessary to expand our vision beyond the physical? In an era when we have failed to tackle the new pandemics of non communicable diseases has it not become a mandate to go towards holistic health care delivery systems? While producing brilliant students contributing to the growth of prosperity and comforts, have we not missed a vital education of values? the stress ridden world is fast blazing up itself to swallow us all with dreaded diseases like CAD and Cancer patients find their life time to be counted in days?

Yoga is the redeemer. We need to synergise the efforts of all Yoga institutions in the world towards this objective of bringing peace, health, harmony and a globe of fearless love between countries and countries. The International Day of Yoga on June 21st is the most needed mandate for setting the imbalances right in the world today. June 21st, the longest day is chosen as that day for all of us to celebrate, and channelise our energies towards global peace.


Dr. Nagendra
Vice-Chancellor of Svámin Vivekananda Yoga Anusandana Samsthana (S-VYASA), Former space scientist at NASA