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Svámin Nirliptánanda


Born in 1896, Acharya Swami Pranavananda start his practice of Raja Yoga with only 3 years old. In the year 1917 he founded the Bharat Sevashram Sangha when he was merely 21 years old with the objective of serving those who are suffering and in need. He lived at a time when India was struggling for freedom. The First World War had already finished and the Second was looming. At that time when mankind was looking bleakly at the future he declared, “This is an Age of Universal Unification”.

I am sure all of you who have gathered here share that vision. And Yoga Portuguese Confederation has been working to propagate the same ideal. International Day of Yoga highlights this principle that has attracted all of us who assemble here today.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

Svámin Nirliptánanda
Spiritual Leader of London Sevashram Sangha