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Eva Ruchpaul
Eva Ruchpaul

At the care of Amrta Súryánanda, Gr. Yoga Master Jorge Veiga e Castro,


Grand Master, Mr. President,


It is with great joy that I associate myself, with all my heart, to the work of the Yoga Portuguese Confederation, and to its President, the Grand Yoga Master Jorge Veiga e Castro. I hope that through his precious initiative, the Yoga practiced in the West becomes incresingly stronger to resist the times of the Kali Yuga.


We have always opposed to the fanatic and sectarian drifts and to the modern impulses of the standardized merchandizing mechanisms. We have the duty to preserve the free Spirit of the original Sámkhya and to keep intact, as in India, this Art of Inner Peace, only sign of true human progression.


With all my admiration and affection, OM SHÁNTI


Eva Ruchpaul
Director of the Eva Ruchpaul Institute - France